This is how we become “The Most Awesome Print Shop in Town”

Pixelindie is a total solution provider for printing related to services and products such as brochures, banner, and marketing materials in Tangerang area businesses. Pixelindie is operated under the name of PT. Sahabat Kreasi Muda. “Pixelindie” interprets every detail that is shown by pixel in a picture which becomes the essential thing in giving the best printing result without paying much as “indie” is meant like in music or indie films.

The idea of establishing Pixelindie comes in 2012 as we expands the business further and split into some varieties. Pixelindie brand is under PT. Sahabat Kreasi Muda, PT. SKM idea started from 3 young men from high school in 2007. Starting as friends PT. SKM co-owner now consists of Bram Kristofer and Timothy Christalianto. With our first brand “ Icon Production” we started from graphic design, photography and cinematography. In 2 years Icon Prodcution has trusted by hundreds of companies and event organizer. By this experience, we started Pixelindie as our new business line.

“Pixelindie” itself chosen because we are concern on everything related to Pixel ( Photography/ Graphics) and Indie as our independency. Pixelindie has a unique concept of print shop. We always think outside the box and put innovation and cretivity as our company culture. Pixelindie as a printer established since the beginning of 2013, we aim to support community and individually creativity in gaphic design, photography and publishing. We commit to give the best quality, price and service.

Our Vission & Mission

Pixelindie is….


Our Products

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